Should I Get A Home Inspection Before I Sell?

What's a home inspection?

A home inspection is when a paid professional inspector, often a contractor or an engineer, inspects the home, searching for defects or other problems that might plague the owner later on. 

Most buyers will hire their own home inspector to check out your property once a written offer has been accepted. The sale is usually contingent upon the inspection results and becomes a negotiating instrument once performed.

The real question you may ask, 'Should I get a home inspection before listing my home?'

- A home inspection can point out items that will be required to be fixed and can give you time to do so.

- A home inspection will cost you money.  It's not required to have a home inspection before you offer your home for sale. The money you would spend could be put towards any buyer required repairs once they perform their own buyer paid inspection.

- Inspection results that make you aware of problems you had no knowledge of can become material facts that must be disclosed to potential buyers. Also, if you repair a problem that requires a licensed contractor to perform, you can open yourself up to potential problems down the road.

- Most buyers won't take your clean bill of health inspection report. They will still hire their own inspection and may come up with a completely different list of repairs.

Is a home inspection before you list your home right for you? There's no right or wrong answer. You can discuss this optional inspection with your agent Richard Thobe when you meet.

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Richard Thobe
Richard Thobe